Hoe komen we uit de crisis?

Lessen uit de crisis: Waarom we opnieuw moeten nadenken over geld

Bezemer, Dirk

Robert Solow zei in juli 2010 tegen het Committee on Science and Technology of the U.S. House of Senate Representatives het volgende: "It may be unusual for the Committee to focus on so abstract an issue, but it is certainly natural and urgent. Here we are, still near the bottom of a deep and prolonged recession, with the immediate future uncertain, desperately short of jobs, and the approach to macroeconomics that dominates serious thinking, certainly in our elite universities and in many central banks and other influential policy circles, seems to have absolutely nothing to say about the problem. Not only does it offer no guidance or insight, it really seems to have nothing useful to say". De titel van de Hearings waar hij sprak was Building a Science of Economics for the Real World. Blijkbaar schort het daaraan. Wat mist er dan? Complexiteit? Irrationeel gedrag? Zwarte zwanen? Mijn antwoord is: geld.